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Roddy Piper Interview

Behind-the scenes on the set of The Chair, wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper speaks to Robert “Corpsy” Rhine about his career. You can see the joy in this man, humor, kindness and it was a pleasure to meet and work with him. We can learn a lot from his lust for life.
RIP Roddy.


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Volume #9 Summer
Gilligan’s Cannibal Island Issue – Ahoy Corpsies! Set sail with Girls and Corpses Magazine on a three hour tour to Gillian’s Cannibal Island with: SID HAIG “The Devil’s Rejects (as ‘The Skipper’), BILL MOSELEY “House of 1,000 Corpses” (as ‘Billigan’), adult Super-star GINGER LYNN (as ‘Ginger’), HEATHER SOSSAMON “Unfriended” (as ‘Mary Ann’) and PISSER (‘The Cannibal’). This voyage will also shipwreck you on FATALITY ISLAND with host MONTE REVOLTA, his sidekick (“Da Plane! Da Plane!”) ROTLY, island beauties SAMANTHA FAIRLEY and MISS DAHLIA ELLIOTT. Also: a delicious interview with ROBERT KERMAN (star of Cannibal Holocaust); NICO MASTORAKIS’s Island of Death); DANI FILTH (Cradle of Filth); Da Pain of HERVE VILLECHAIZE (Fantasy Island’s Tattoo); Cannibal Cinema regurgitated; Eat The One You Love; FreakShow Wrestling, coffin table book ‘Stiffs Skulls and Skeletons’; Justice Howard’s Revelations; art from John Howard; freaky photos by and DKL Anathema; stars of the Bee horror flicks Stung and Zombeavers; the horrific history of Video Nasties; and, Cannibal Cookbook recipes! So, climb aboard our Gilligan’s Cannibal Island Issue — there’s comedy, dead ahead!

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